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Top Soil, Triple Mix & More

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La Belle's Planting Mix (Triple Mix)

La Belle's Triple Mix uses a mixture of screened native topsoil, aged manure, and peat loam with natural nutrients for strong root development.

For use in planting, flower beds, vegetable gardens, trees and shrubs. Triple Mix is an excellent all-around soil. 


Screened Topsoil

Screened native topsoil is used for sodding, lot grading and levelling.

Peat Loam

A rich dark black loam type soil. A great top dressing on flower beds or mix in for lighter soil.


Composted Aged Horse Manure

Right from our own farm!

Give your plants a natural fertilizer, and watch your garden grow!

Spread 2-3" on top of your current soil and then mix it in.


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