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Soil & Mulches

Delivery available to local areas for $85.00

To book delivery please: 

Call 905-391-0912

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La Belle's Planting Mix (Triple Mix)

$30.00/Yard *NEW PRICE*

La Belle's uses a mixture of screened native topsoil, aged manure, and peat loam with natural nutrients for strong root development.

For use for planting, flower beds, vegetable gardens, trees and shrubs.


Screened Topsoil

$15.00/Yard *NEW PRICE*

Screened native topsoil is used for sodding, lot grading and levelling.


Lawn Top Dressing


A screened mixture of native topsoil with peat loam and sand provides a proper seedbed and is light enough for existing grass to come through. 

We recommend ½ inch maximum spread evenly, followed by your seed, a light rolling, then a light water mist.


Peat Loam


A rich dark black loam type soil. A great top dressing on flower beds or mix in for lighter soil.


Composted Aged Horse Manure


Right from our own farm!

Give your plants a natural fertilizer, and watch your garden grow! Spread 2-3" on top and then mix it in.



Delivered to Ajax, Pickering, Whitby

2 Cubic Yards 175.00 (HST Included)

3 Cubic Yards 220.00 (HST Included)

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