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La Belle's Professional Program

La Belle's offers professional discount programs for companies operating Landscape, Lawncare and Maintenance. 


Companies can sign up for our La Belle's Professional Program by 

submitting the following documentation 

  • Proof of lettered company truck 

  • Business card 

  • Company Letterhead 

Companies will receive special prices on all bulk soils and mulches.

Fast, friendly services, including Saturdays.


Get your topsoil, sod, mulches, and plants here for a one-stop load and go!


Join La Belle's Professional Program

We look forward to working with you!

Current Members

Red Fox Forestry- Christen Dschankilic-

Natures Hands- Alan Shields-

Distinctive Designs Landscaping-Kurt Byers-

Triple B Landscaping Services-

APC Property Enhancement- Amanda Catell- 289-928-9939

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